10 Cannoli - Pistachio Cream
10 Cannoli - Pistachio Cream
10 Cannoli - Pistachio Cream

10 Cannoli - Pistachio Cream

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A tray of 10 cannoli. Our Sicilian traditional delicacy!

Elsewhere these are called Cannoli Siciliani, but we simply know them as Cannoli (‘little tubes’). They originated around Palermo and Messina, and were traditionally associated with Carnevale season.

However, they’re much too delicious not to have year round, and you can choose from three delectable fillings.

These cannoli are made with pistachio custard cream and pistachios.

    Allergens: wheat, eggs, milk/ wheat, eggs, milk, pistachio nuts.


    Our products are made in a bakery that contains nuts so there may be trace elements of nuts in all of our products.

    Due to their hand-made nature, the finished products may vary slightly from the images displayed. 

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